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Our Strategy

Our core business is delivering protective services. In cooperation with our customers, we develop customized and efficient security solutions with the right balance of on-site officers, mobile guarding services and technological security solutions.

Securitas is a knowledge leader in the field of security and offers a broad range of services: specialized guarding, mobile services, monitoring, technology solutions, consulting and investigations.


Building strong customer relations

To maintain our strong position in the security industry, we must continue to deliver high-quality services and meet our financial targets. This requires that we steadily climb the value chain and create added value for our customers, thereby building strong, long-term customer relations while improving our profitability.


Developing customized solutions

In cooperation with its customers, Securitas develops optimal, cost-efficient protective services adapted to the needs of the customer. We ensure the right balance of expertise – on-site security officers, mobile security officers and specially trained security officers working in a monitoring center – and the optimal integration of new technological solutions.


Investing in new technology

Security solutions and technology, such as remote video surveillance, are becoming an increasingly important component of the security industry. As part of our strategy, we are thus making significant investments in this area and aim to increase our sales of technological security solutions. This will enable us to improve the quality of our services at the same time as we climb the value chain.


Strengthening our position in emerging markets

An important component of our long-term strategy is to expand our global presence and continue to grow in emerging markets. Our aim is to maintain a strong position in the security industry and ensure our ability to deliver services to our global customers.


Customize your security solution today

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