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On-site Guarding

Our on-site guards are in charge of a variety of security tasks such as guarding persons, buildings, commercial premises, or other goods. To perform these tasks, they can be assisted by technical and electronic means.

Building Securitas Academy Belgium formations

Securitas Academy training

Our guards attend courses developed by our awarding body accredited Academy. They are professionally trained in Counter Terrorism, Customer Experience, the fundamentals of First Aid, Protective Services Methodology, Fire Risk, and Mental Health awareness.

A continuous presence of security guards has dissuasive effect. Our guards are always connected to the control room - via reliable and high-tech cameras, communication and security systems. Our guards monitor, qualify and manage the clients' interventions.


Benefits of manned guarding services

  • Permanent surveillance with one or more guards
  • Follow-up and monitoring from the control room
  • Guards with different training levels and job responsibilities
  • High-tech tool and digital technology for optimal communication
  • Tailor-made care

Securitas Vision

VISION is a powerful On-site Guard Management System that is used to leverage the services provided by the Securitas security officers. It gives you a clear and transparent view on the delivered added value. It is an industry specific Security Operations Management Solution developed by Securitas based on our best practices and our operational experience.

Key functionalities

  • Task diary and notifications when tasks need to be executed
  • Management of security rounds, real-time follow-up, and automatic alerts in the event of anomalies
  • Site instructions: Direct link in the task diary, local and remote updates, automatic messages to security guards
  • Automatic incident monitoring, reporting, and statistics for prompt incident management
  • In/out registration of keys, vehicles, visitors


Key benefits

  • Increases productivity & improves operational efficiency
  • Facilitates the collaboration between security officers, site supervisors, and stakeholders
  • Centralizes the data and improves data quality
  • Improves employee / customer satisfaction
  • Real-time notifications, reports, and statistics

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