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Hotels and Tourism

First impressions count.

Securitas provides security services to hotels across UAE, from small Boutique Hotels to large multinational chains

Hotels need to be able to offer a safe and secure experience around the clock for their guests, attendees to events and conferences, and customers at their bars and restaurants; all the while providing their own staff with a secure and safe workplace.

Our Security Officers are the first and last people seen at our business partner Hotels and Resorts.  In fact a hotel’s guests during their stay will often encounter and engage our Security Officers more regularly that the hotel’s own staff. Securitas understands the responsibilities inherent in providing security to the hospitality industry in UAE.  Securitas Security officers positioned at hotels and resorts are carefully selected and trained to be assertive to serve as a crime deterrent, skilled to be a first responder in emergency situations, and friendly (customer service-oriented) to project an effective public relations asset


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