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Remote Services

Our Remote Video Solutions (RVS) take Video Surveillance one step further by generating an immediate response and preventing incidents from becoming issues. Technology and people are optimised to form a stronger, cost-efficient and proactive force in protecting organisations onsite security operation and Electronic equipment health check.

A centralized operations hub

The Securitas Operations Center (SOC) is a reliable point of contact and back-up for immediate assistance and alarm follow-up. Our operators are experts in intervention management. They monitor people and assets according to strict security regulations - while respecting privacy regulations. The officers are in constant contact with the alarm monitoring center and can if necessary alert the police or fire department. This service can increase vigilance through security-as-a-service: extra assistance at critical moments

Security operational based outcomes

Response through remote services where operators use live video footage to assess a range of activity through standardized, cost-effective, remotely based video surveillance services such as:

  • Remote Alarm Verification
  • Remote Area Protection
  • Remote Video Patrols
  • Remote Security Escorts
  • Remote Entry/ Exit management

Remote health check based outcomes

It give organisations the flexibility to link a wide range of existing devices and grow the security network as changing circumstances demand. The performance of any integrated IP devices is continuously health checked, with failures notified to the operator for remedial action.


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