Securitas has a devoted events team, cross trained to meet any requirement, with a dedicated Events Manager, ensuring the safe and professional execution of your event; whether it is a small Boutique Event or a large scale sports tournament.

Securitas UAE secures events across UAE weekly:


  • Retail Events, specialized in Luxury Retail Events
  • Hotel Conferences
  • Team Building, often in remote areas
  • Sports Events


We can also help you review the planning for your event to identify security gaps and prevent potential risks from arising.  We will propose a solution that may consists of manpower only, or a combination of manpower and technology.

Event Solutions

For large, temporary events, we recommend a security solution that includes temporary alarms with video surveillance, screening of people and bags entering the event, and specially authorized security officers.   We will provide you with a complete security solution for your event.


Our employees are the public face of both Securitas and our customers. We take a proactive approach when it comes to interacting with people both as a preventive security measure and as a service for our customers’ customers. Should a fire or other catastrophe strike, our employees are trained to handle the evacuation of the premises and the nearby area.

Contact us for more information about securing your event!