Securitas security guard

Single Security Provider at UAB

“The most important thing is I now have one point of contact. I just call the operation center, they update me on everything I need to know and this makes my life a lot easier. It is just easy, I pick up the phone or send an e-mail and get a response immediately."

One Advisor - One Partner - One Contact

When Phil Harvey joined UAB as a Security Manager, the security roles were owned by different departments and there were many security contracts attending to different aspects of the bank. Phil Harvey heard about Securitas and decided to give it a try. He first started with deploying guards for the head office and now currently Securitas provides guarding and video surveillance solutions for all branches. Phil Harvey says:

"The changes in the banking industry over the past few decades has been revolutionary. Today, a bank branch is expected to merge two very different roles seamlessly; a custodian of large sums of cash and a place which attracts and comforts customers. Managing a security system that can deliver this core dual functionality with ease is crucial. It also demands the security system to be dynamic, fluid and flexible enough to be quickly reconfigured to tighten up or loosen security in certain branches or areas."

Value Added Security Solutions

A typical day for a guard starts around 7 AM while the branches open at 7.30 AM. The guards are not only responsible for the security but they also assist bank’s clients. The guard’s responsibility varies from checking the surveillance systems to see if there are any problems with the equipment for which they routinely inform the relevant parties, or checking the fire extinguishers to see if they are out of date to any problematic doors or windows.

They are my eyes and ears in the branches.” says Phil Harvey

Great deal of professionalism at every level

“Security companies can be one and the same” states Phil Harvey, “It is such a competitive market and usually it comes down to price but with Securitas, price was not a priority. I was impressed with the guards, the central control room and the way I was treated. A great deal of professionalism at every level.”

Securitas Unique Solution to accommodate the specific Requirements of this First Class University, includes:

  • Specialized Guarding
  • Tailor-made Annual Training Plan
  • Special Accommodation
  • Reduced Working Hours
  • Additional Benefits
  • High Salaries for Guard Force
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